• Collector-Ramanjaneyulu
  • D.I.G./I.G.-Sri K.R.M.Kishore Kumar
  • S.P.-Shankha Brata Bagchi
  • Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from a friends forehead.
  • A person who can smile when things go wrong has found someone to blame it on
  • A problem is a chance for you to do your best

Do you know:

    If the history of the Earth were to be measured in proportion to one year, man did not appear until 8.30pm on 31 December.

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  The captain of a ship was telling this interesting story: "We traveled the sea far and wide. At one time, two of my sailors were standing on opposite sides of the ship. One was looking west and the other one east. And at the same time, they could see each other clearly."

Q: How can that be possible?

  Guntur Range (Guntur Police Department) is the regional headquarters of state police with its own Inspector General rank covering three nearby districts.The public in the district are politically highly conscious and take active interest in political matters. In the delta area social tensions are generally observed between Daliths and Non-daliths. In the town areas particularly in Guntur Town, Piduguralla, Dachepalli, activities of rowdies are fairly common. In the upland areas of Narasaraopet, Sattenapalli and Gurazala Sub-divisions, the incidents of bodily offences is high and use of explosives is a common phenomenon in a number of villages in Macherla, Gurazala, Narasaraopet Rural, Piduguralla and Sattenapalli Police circles. At present faction in Palnadu belt is remarkably come down. Extremist activities are existing in the limits of Gurazala Sub-division, Piduguralla Circle, part of Sattenapalli Circle of Sattenapalli Sub-division, Narasaraopet Rural Circle and Vinukonda Circles of Narasaraopet Sub-division.

 Guntur district is having 7 Police Sub-divisions with 21 Circles and 81 Police Stations. There are 10 platoons in AR in addition to Headquarter platoon and R.B. Platoons. Guntur Town Sub-division consists of 2 L&O Circles namely East and West Circles, CCS Circle and Traffic with 6 law and order Police Stations, 6 Crime P.Ss., 1 Women Police Station and PCR. Guntur Rural Sub division consists of 3 Circles namely Guntur Rural, Mangalagiri and Amaravathi with 11 P.Ss. Tenali Sub-division consists of 3 circles namely Tenali Urban, Tenali Rural and Tsunduru with 11 P.Ss.Bapatla Sub-division consists of 3 circles namely Bapatla, Ponnur and Repalle with 16 P.Ss. Narasaraopet Sub-division consists of 4 circles namely Narasaraopet Urban, Narasaraopet Rural, Vinukonda and Chilakaluripet with 14 P.Ss. Gurazala Sub-division consists of 2 circles namely Gurazala and Macherla with 9 P.Ss. Sattenapalli Sub-division consists of 2 circles namely Sattenapalli and Piduguralla with 10 P.Ss.

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  The first Electronically Computerized Modern Police Control Room in India was established by our former Superintendent of Police, Guntur, Dr. A. Ravishankar, I.P.S., with a view to extend the electronic services to Gunturians and it was inaugurated by our former Director General of Police, Sri S.R. Sukumara, I.P.S. on 11-09-2004 in the D.P.O., premises, Guntur. Well qualified and well trained staff were posted for the better electronic services. Some of the local channels like Siti Cable, E-TV, etc. are broadcasting the functions of E-Control weekly once till now. We have 4 important functioning's which will be monitored through computer systems at E-Control. They are :-

  • Traffic Monitoring System
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Dial 100 & Crime Stopper Call System (1090)
  • Online Complaint System (Guntur Police Web Site)
 These are patrol vehicles that move within the city to ensure maintenance of law and order. They move at the rate of 1 vehicle for every 2 Police Stations and patrol round the clock. Each vehicle moves along with some constables and home guards. They assist the local police in law enforcement. On intimation from a Civilian, Police Station, Control Room they can be seen swinging into action in case of any incident, accident, offense and Law & Order problem.For the welfare of Police Personnel of the Guntur District, the following welfare measures have been undertaken. Running of Police Boys Hostel, Welfare Tailoring Centre, Police Computer Training Centre, Police Welfare Type Institute, Kalyana Mandapam and Police Welfare Hospital.

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